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Aliant - Ultralight battery

Product description

Exclusive features

  • Weight reduction: 50% lighter than traditional batteries
  • Ultra rapid complete charge: 100% in less than 30’
  • Ultra rapid Partial charge: 50% in less than 10’
  • Lowest self discharge rate: < 0,03 % daily
  • Longer life cycle than any other! 5000 cycles @ 70% Dod
  • Fit any mounting position
  • Very good behaviour at high temperature

Eco-compatible and safe

  • Low impact materials
  • No lead nor other materials
  • No liquids inside
  • Lithium Iron Phospate cells make the accumulator safer
  • Integrated electronics to protect from overload
  • Robust ABS recyclable case


  • QC on each piece for every step of the assembling process
  • Robotized assembly
  • Cutting edge last generation components


  • EMC compatibility [ EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 ]
  • CE declaration
  • ROHS compliant [ 2002/95/EC ]
  • Test IEC 62133 – Item 4.3.7

Italian Design
Aliant battery range is the result of a team of italian engineers and technicians, driven by passion for races and competitions. These batteries have proven to be most reliable and durable than any other in the market, thanks to the high performance LIFEPO4 cells and the custom design electronics embedded in every model.

Aliant batteries life span is higher than the life span of other lithium batteries.

Aliant is the choiche of many motorcycle OEM in Italy, as well as many Ultralight Planes maker, as durability and safety are certified with no compromise.

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