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Ferrari 308

Suspension kit with Eibach springs front and rear with Bilstein PSS10 shock absorbers – adjustment in rebound and bump in 10 “clicks” – with 10 preset settings.

Ferrar 365 GTC

Ferrari Daytona

Bilstein Shock absorbers replica of the original damper but wit sporting-raod adjustment, including Eibach springs for more comfort on rough roads but with less body roll and better traction in comparison to the original.

Ferrari 512BB

New developed Bilstein shock absorbers for the Ferrari 512BB in a driving test with individual adjustment height for the vehicle.
With Bilstein Gas shock absorbers technology we guarantee.
High performance and long lifetime.
Optimum traction and enhanced stability when driving.
Marked improvement in safety and performance.
Individual adjustment of the vehicle height
Bilstein shock absorbers were adjust individually for the Ferrari 512BB
Surface coating for long lifetime and corrosion restistance.
Eibach springs of high quality with high tensional material.


Ferrari with Bilstein adjustable shock absorber

NTP offers through our Bilstein Technical Center (BTC) a rework and check-over of electronically adjustable dampers that Bilstein delivered to Ferrari for various models such as the Ferrari 550, 575, 456, 348, F50 etc.

The rework contains:

  • Changing the electronically adjustable piston rod
  • New package closing
  • New valves
  • New oil
  • New cartridge seal.

All spare parts and oil are official from Bilstein Germany

Price: 380,- € excl. VAT

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Bilstein shock absorbers PSS10 hightadjustable and also the setup with 10 different settings. Adjustment in rebound and compression with 10 “clicks”. Replacing the original incl. the original Ferrari servomotor.

Adjustable rebound and compression to 10 “clicks” with the possibility of a calibration softer than the original 550 Maranello (the orginal provided by Bilstein). And at the same time a very wide range to make it even more rigid for a possible use for track-days with a stiffer setting than the 550 Maranello original.